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Joe Chunk and Munchkin were not even given the chance of a new life, either because of they way they looked or behaved. We will keep on fighting for these babies as no Dog should die unless there is a reason. END BSL its the Deed NOT the Breed. Sleep well babies R.I.P

LEO small


Leo is our latest baby to be added to the rainbow bridge. He was in a pound wating for rescue space but no one came along. Good nite little lad so so sorry we could not help you xxxxx

elli SMALL


Ellie was saved by a loveing rescue only to have complications during her spay. She was a very muched love girl and everyone was heart broken to hear the sad news of our little Ellie crossing over the bridge. Good night sweet heart sweet dreams R.I.P xxxx.



Our beautiful boy lost his life May 31st 2013. He was let down by the person he thought he could love and trust. We will never forget you baby boy and we are so so sorry.
Good Night, Sweet Dreams, God Bless R.I.P xxxx



Our beautiful Harley we are just so sorry we were to late. We tried so hard to save you but it was not meant to be. So many tears were shed the day we lost you and so many parts of our hearts went with you to the bridge. Your life was taken from you because of humans irresponsible behaviour. We pray you now forgive and you are running in Jacob's Gang
Beautiful So Tiny Harley Fell Sleep 2nd July 2013
Good Night Sweet Angel God Bless xxxx

dale small


Dale we are so sorry that humans failed you so much that your life was just plain torture. What ever they did to you baby boy we could not sort for you. Dale crossed over the Bridge and fell sleep 22 June 2013 good night sweetheart sweet dreams xxxx


3 Years ago today a very special little boy sat in his kennel. Like he had done for the past week. Wagging his tail when someone came by in the hope it was his turn as he had seen others come and go. Then when they never he would return into his bed with his head down wondering why!!

3 Years ago today, at around 1pm someone did come by to say hello. His little head lifted and his sadness turned to a smile on his face. His little tail wagged so hard and there was joy in his heart "Its Me Its Me" finally its my turn to leave

3 Years ago today. A little boy left his kennels for a journey of what he hoped to be happiness and a new life, he jumped happily around and into the car and left for his "Freedom Ride" He was placed in a crate on his own in the back of a van. But this little boy was happy he was out!! no more kennels!!

3 Years ago today. A little boy walked into a room and what happened in that room we can only hope a moment of kindness was shown.......

3 years ago today A little boy never left that room on a lead but his happiness and waggy tail stopped when he laid so still on that table. No happy freedom ride, sadly for this little boy.

3 Years ago today our heart broke and we shed so many tears

3 Years ago today Jacobs died!!

Jacob never got his chance, he was a young boy who had done nothing wrong. Except he became just a percentage of unwanted strays in the uk during 2012. Sadly for this little boy we were just to late, Since that day we have honored his Name and we have fought for so many lives, Sadly we can not bring Jacob back but we can fight to Educate people to try and make them understand that breeding and irresponsible owners are killing the lives of innocent dogs each and ever day. Here we are in 2015 and the fight still goes on, if only we could say that things had got better, if only we could see a light at the end of the tunnel. But no matter how long it takes we will never stop fighting their Corner.

Jacob you were a very special boy to us, sadly there are just to many Jacobs all over the uk. But together your memory lives on, and we will fight for those who sadly follow in your footsteps. Good night baby boy sweet dreams and in our hearts you will live on forever xxxxxx


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