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All the dogs on this page are in our care of K9-Lifesavers UK and are looking for either foster care or forever homes. Please either leave a comment or go to the contact us page to request a form.

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Please click on the link below to Download our Form. if you are interested in finding out more about one of our dogs.





Boo really needs out of kennels and the chance of a loving home. Sadly due to Boo's mum's illness it is now looking likely that this will now be an adoption/ foster home we are looking. While we would love it to be close to her mum in the Suffolk Area we are now going to have to start looking further afield




Please meet our very beautiful Boo. Boo is one of Ruba pups and she has been adopted since a young puppy.


However sadly at the moment Boo is now in kennels and we are urgently seeking a foster home for her. This could just be for a short time as we are very much hoping she may return to her mum. We just want to get our beautiful girl out of kennels and into a home where she so belongs.


Some information on Boo.


Boo is a sbt x she is almost 5 years old. She is spayed, vaccinated and micro chipped.


She is a very loyal girl loving and well behaved in the house. She can be left for short periods of times and loves her frozen kong when you leave her. She is used to sleeping on her mums bed at night.


We are hopefully looking for a foster home that is in the Suffolk area if possible. Where the fosters are not going to be out fo long periods of time but as said she can be left for short periods.


While she walks with other dogs Boo would like to be the only resident dog as she would love all the attention for herself,  She has also lived with 2 cats so this could also be a possiblity it would depend on the cats as well.


Boo can only live with older children 14+


If you feel you could help Boo out in her hour of need and you are in the Suffolk Area, ( we will consider other areas but would like to keep in distance so mum can still see Boo)

Click on Boo photo to take you to our Facebook page where you can find Boo full profile and videos



adopt-me-paw2 adopt-me-paw2

Please Watch ~Boo Appeal Video ............ Take a Chance On Me


Please.............. Love Boo xxxx


Ps make sure you active sound bottom left hand corner


Woof Woof xxxx