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K9-LifeSavers are a Non Profit Organization based in the UK. We have Kennels in , Hertfordshire,and  Essex . We also have Dogs in Foster Homes based near by.


We started our small Rescue because there were so many dogs in our Council Pounds as strays that we could not place in other Rescues. We have a strict policy of care and dedication to our dogs. Giving them the best lives we can. This includes Vet care, Vaccinations, Neuter and Micro Chipping.


All our dogs are checked over by the vets and any health issues are checked for. If they need any medical care this is provided by us. Our funds are raised by ourselves to cover our costs.


Our dogs come from many walks of life. Some are signed over to us because their owners can not longer keep them. Most of them however are from Council pounds where they have done their legal 7 days and if there is no where for them to go they would of been destroyed.


They come into our Kennels where we will assess them to the best of our ability. We then try to either find them foster homes where assessment can be carried out further or if we feel they are ready direct into their forever homes. For this reason we are always looking for fosters in the following and surrounding areas of





Other Areas of South East


Before a dog leaves us


He or she will be fully vaccinated, wormed, and Micro chipped. They will also be neutered unless on a vets recommendation otherwise, or if they are to young (puppies). These dogs will then be placed on a Neuter Contract.


We operate a Non Kill Policy. Unless advised by a veterinary and even then we will always make sure we get more opinions. We are here to save lives not destroy them. All our dogs have back up for life and will remain a part of K9-Lifesavers          




We will be their rescue and cover all aspects of rescue with a very strict policy to make sure these dogs are safe for the rest of their life.


All our dogs will go to kennels first to be assessed


All our dogs will be vet checked for health issues


All our dogs will be microchip to us for life and will have full back up from us once they have left our care and start their new life. We will work with new families or fosters to make sure they do not become the “Mail Order” and the family they choose to go with are their new families for life, of course there are always going to be teething problems but we will work with you through them if this is needed, so there is no need for anyone to give up on the first hurdle.


All our dogs will have mentors someone you can go back to if you need any advice etc, because of this we will only re-home in area’s close to our kennels.


Some dogs will go to foster and the foster homes again will be close with mentors. So you must be able to travel to see your dog of your choice and be able to take all members of family and other pets along, or taster days to be arranged to make sure everyone is happy.


All our dogs will be vaccinated


All our dogs will be Neutered Unless there is a medical reason or to young/old.Puppy's and Bitches in Season will be on a Neuter Contract



Anyone wishing to Foster/Home will be home checked and a follow up home check and further contact during the life time of the dog. All Dogs must come back to us and can not be re homed from the adopt family home.


There will be an adoption fee which will not cover all the costs of the dogs care, but will go towards helping another in his/hers place.




Please remember do not feel sorry for a rescue dog, they do not need your pity they need love understanding and commitment. Rescue dogs love like no other because this is the one thing no matter what breed or size they all crave. So if you are committed and genuinely would like to give a Rescue dog a Forever Home then please contact us and we will be happy to talk you through the above in more depth.




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If you are interested in adopting one of our lovely dogs there are a few things that need to be done before you can take him/her home with you.


First of all you will need to fill out an Adoption Questionnaire. This will give us some basic Knowledge of yourself and your home. Please fill out the form below and include the name of the dog you are interested in and we will send you an Adoption Questionnaire.




A home check will be arranged, this is just to make sure things like your garden is secure, and that all family members are happy with adopting your chosen dog.




Meet and Greet. You will have to pop along to either our kennels or foster home with all your family member and if you have any other dogs to take them along for a meet and greet.




If your meet and greet goes well. Then adoption papers will be drawn up for you to sign and an adoption fee paid.




You go and collect your baby