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Our Rescue is a Non Profit Volunteer  Organization.

Our dogs come to us in many ways. Though a lot are strays after they have done their legal 7 days. There for some history on some dogs will be very limited.


All our dogs will be Vet checked, Vaccinated, Wormed, Micro Chipped, Neutered unless there is a medical reason or to young, and will be on a Neuter contract.


Please take a look round the site for more information.








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our paypal is k9-lifesavers.com

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Spring days are full of hopes and dreams, and the ideal time  for walks in the woods, we love this time of the year and so do our dogs, not to hot, and all those fresh smells of spring flowers in the air.. So an ideal time to extend your family. Just think how lovely it would be to have your best friend with you, to talk to, to share all your days happiness and woes. Why not think about adopting a Rescue Dog. The love you will receive is like no other.


This year we very much hope that we will put K9-Lifesavers UK on the map where it belongs. To make people more aware of the plight of dogs in rescue, BSL, and the stray dog problem that UK has.


We always welcome idea's and suggestions and of course offers of help. This does not have to be physical help but offers of ideas for fund raising, or maybe you have a flare and would like to join our Promotion team, where we are looking at promoting more causes with leaflets, Posters, News Letters etc.


We are also always looking for people who would like to foster, and are in the South East Area. Potentially most of our fosters would have to be at home most of the day, and have no young children and no other pets or are able to separate. We sadly can not place any dogs with a home with Cats unless we are able to confirm a dog is cat friendly.


There are many ways you can help us so always give us a shout and We are sure that you will enjoy being part of a Family team.









We are a member of The Dog Rescue Federation...

THE DOG FEDERATION adopt-me-paw2 adopt-me-paw2 adopt-me-paw2 adopt-me-paw2 FOSTER POSTER

We have some wonderful dogs which you can view on our dogs pages but just for a quick summery


You can also view a lot more photos and updates if you follow us on our Face book page as this is updated more regular


Looking For their forever homes